Houston, Tx: Portrait Photographer


Hi! My name is Brittany Currie and I am a photographer working in the Houston area. Some of my favorite subjects to photograph are children, families, engagements and maternity. I feel that these are some of the most important moments in our lives and it is my job to capture those for you. 


Our Story

I discovered my love and passion for photography after having my son. He is my inspiration, and the reason I strive to perfect my art. His little eyes are always watching, and to see how proud of his mommy being a photographer is the best feeling in the world. 


I spend my time photographing others stories, and I wanted to open up a piece about my story.  

This is what Diabetes looks like, this is me.

I am type 1 diabetic, and I was diagnosed in my early teenage years. I had to learn how to give myself shots of insulin, I had to educate my teachers, my family, and everyone who would be around me incase my blood sugar ever dropped or raised. My diabetes is managed, but there is no cure for this life threatening disease.